The more time and attention you put into the preparation of your quilt top and back, the better finished quilt you will have to share with your family and friends.



1.  Clip all threads on the front and back of your quilt top.

2.  Press all seams to one side unless the patterns dictate that the seams be pressed open.

3.  Back tack to secure any seam on the outer edge of the quilt top to     prevent unraveling.

4.  Press entire quilt top.



1.   When calculating the amount of fabric needed for your quilt back, please add a minimum of an additional 6" to the length and 6" to the width of the measurement of the quilt top (i.e. if your quilt top measures 60" x 45" the quilt back should measure a minimum of 66" x 51").   This provides the fabric needed to square the back and load  it onto the machine.   Any extra fabric will be returned.

2.   Piece your quilt back together using a ½” seam allowance and press the   seam to one side, not open.

3.   Press the entire quilt back.

My goal is to provide you with a quilting design that accessorizes your quilt and your style.  In doing so I am complimenting the quilt you have created and will treasure for a lifetime.  I work in a smoke free and pet free studio and am conveniently located in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.



This style of quilting covers the entire quilt with the same uninterrupted pattern from side to side and top to bottom.  There are many designs to choose from to suit your quilt.

 $.02 - $.03 per square inch depending on quilting density

(average queen size quilt will cost approximately $144 - $216) 

Minimum quilting charge is $50.00


I offer custom quilting and will work with you on an individual plan to accessorize your quilt.

 Starting at $.05 per square inch


Cutting, assembling and machine stitching binding to the front of the quilt

$.20 per linear inch

The binding can be hand stitched to the back of the quilt as a finished binding

for an additional $.15 per  linear inch



$10.00 per seam


I prefer working with Quilters Dream batting and have their 100% natural cotton available for your convenience

at $.33 per linear inch.  You may  provide your own batting.

I have a wide variety of thread colors and will help you select a color that will compliment your quilt .